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How To Make Sure Your WWII Fallen Stories Can Be Read At Gravesites

The ideal place to read stories of the WWII fallen is at their gravesites or memorials. Find A Grave has a smartphone app (Available for both Apple and Android phones) that can be used for this, but it only works if the Fold3 Memorial of the fallen is linked to the matching Find A Grave page.

This video explains how to do this:

The written instructions below are adapted from instructions received from Fold3.


Linking on the Fold3 Memorial Facts Tab page is the best path forward to link Fold3 Memorials to Find A Grave pages, because it will import the fact source and the facts themselves from Find A Grave and link Fold3 and Find A Grave to work on the Find A Grave smartphone app. On the Fold3 Memorial, go to the Facts Tab. Click the add button to add a fact.

In the Add a Fact dialog, there is a box to add a fact source url from Find A Grave.

Add the url and in a moment, the dialog will pop up with a button to Import from this Find a Grave Document. Click on this button.

This presents the facts that we can import from Find a Grave. Review the facts and uncheck any that you may not want to add. If there are duplicates, it will warn you on another dialog and allow you to not import duplicates.

Then click save. This imports the facts from Find A Grave and adds the Find a Grave memorial as a source in the source tab. This way is the best because it imports the facts from Find A Grave and also adds the source. It will also link to the Find A Grave memorial on the Find A Grave site.

As you can see it imports the source, and the facts.

If you get a hint like this – Possible Records from Find a Grave, then clicking on the review button will also take you into the import facts dialog. This hint will pop if there is enough information on the memorial facts tab to narrow the search on Find A Grave to one page of results.

Click on Review, then just choose the correct Find A Grave memorial from this dialog:

Then import facts as normal.

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