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Nevada WWII Fallen

425 WWII fallen were associated with the state of Nevada. 
We are telling the stories of all of them.

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Each and Every

Nevada WWII Fallen

Is Now Remembered

Every WWII fallen from the state of Nevada now has a story -- from the youngest, 17 year old Lewis Milisich of Elko, to  the oldest, Alfred Green, a 31 year old African American from Reno. 

The first four Nevadans (Richard Gill, Richard Weaver, Elmer Yates, and Eric Young) died on the USS Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack. The last one, Lyle Webb, died in August 1945 when the submarine USS Bullhead was sunk.

Nevadans fought and died in well-known battles from throughout the war including Bataan, Coral Sea, Midway, Guadalcanal, Kasserine Pass, Sicily, Burma, Tarawa, Anzio, D-Day, Saipan, the Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.


While some are buried or memorialized in Nevada, many are buried elsewhere, across the USA and around the world, from the Philippines' Cabanatuan Memorial and the Honolulu Memorial in the Pacific, to European cemeteries like the Ardennes American Cemetery in Luxembourg, and the Florence American Cemetery in Italy.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Richard Rife and a few others, anyone visiting the graves of the Nevada WWII fallen can use their smartphone to read the stories of all of these fallen heroes anywhere in the world.

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See how the app works at any gravesite

Read some of these stories here:

Norvin Davis-Enhanced.jpg

1LT Norvin L. Davis

Story by Richard Rife

Lt Davis was from Wells, Nevada. He was a Boy Scout and president of his high school class. He was a 1943 West Point graduate. He served as a paratrooper in the liberation the Philippines and earned the Bronze Star. Read full story here.

Leslie Matthews-Enhanced.jpg

CPL Leslie E. Mathews

Story by Richard Rife

Cpl Mathews was from Panaca, Nevada. His mother died when he was 11 and his father died shortly before the war. He was a championship basketball player. He became a B-24 Liberator radio operator in the Pacific. He was killed in a weather related plane crash. Read his story here.

Frank OFlaherty-Enhanced.jpg

ENS Frank W. O'Flaherty

Story by Richard Rife

Ens O'Flaherty was from Tonopah, Nevada. He was raised by an aunt after his mother died. He left college early to help support his family. He was a dive bomber pilot from USS Enterprise at the Battle of Midway. Read full story here, including his tragic death at the hands of the Japanese Navy.

Ivan Ramsey-Enhanced.jpg

PVT Ivan E. Ramsey

Story by Richard Rife 

Pvt Ramsey was from Spring Valley, Nevada. Left school early to work in mines. Joined US Army with younger brother and served in same unit in the Philippines at the beginning of the  war. Both earned the Bronze Star. See full story here, including Bataan Death March and time as POW.

Lafayette Wadsworth.png

SGT Lafayette L. Wadsworth

Story by Richard Rife

Sgt Wadsworth was also from Panaca and a cousin to Leslie Mathews. He was known as a good singer and dancer. Earned a battlefield promotion and the Bronze Star. We fought the the Battle of the Bulge. Read full story here, including fateful premonition of both him and his mother.

Eldred Whipple-Enhanced.jpg

1LT Eldred F. Whipple

Story by Richard Rife

Lt Whipple was from Tecoma, Nevada, a mining community. He worked at a mine and married after attending college. He became a B-17 pilot. After bomber was fatally damaged, he stayed at the controls so other crewmen could bail safely. See full story here.

All of the Nevada fallen stories
can be found on Fold3.

 See here.
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Download the Find A Grave smartphone app to read these stories at gravesites


Thanks to our
volunteer story writers

Richard Rife

Paul Albert, Colorado

Norene Allen, Kansas

Rich Appenzeller, Pennsylvania

Mike Appleby

Kate Baker, New Jersey

Pam Baker, Alabama

Steve Booth, Utah

Jack Chisum, Arizona

Anna Cross, Minnesota

Paul deGategno, Pennsylvania

Sharon Dittmer, Missouri

Sheree Dowdle, Pennsylvania

Katherine Genung, West Virginia

Susan Gould, Tennessee 

Mary Hanjes, Georgia

Kathy Harmon, Pennsylvania

John Haskins, Texas

Tom La Padula, New York

Paul Larkin

Kevin McIntire, California

Red Mulvanny, California

Jack Oberholtzer, Pennsylvania

Doria Owen, Maryland

Sophia Shapiro, Utah

Elizabeth Shaw, South Carolina

Gary Smith, Colorado

Terry Toohig, Pennsylvania

Donna Wheelehan, California

Steve Brannan, Alabama

Molly Brown, Utah

Kim Crump, Utah 2

Andrea Hall, Illinois

Laura Hanaford, California

Kevin Harrington

Bob Joyce, California 2

Debi Lehman, Oklahoma

Jackie Menasco, Arizona

Don Milne, Kentucky

Chris Moyer, Pennsylvania 2

Judy Price

John Schlatter, Uta

Julie Sohlberg, Colorado

Charles Woodall, Alabama

Ginny Wortz, Indiana

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