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Pearl Harbor Remembered

2,341 servicemen died from the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Each now has his own story.

Join us in honoring the WWII fallen.

Read some of these stories here:

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 11.30.50 AM.png

by Red Mulvanny, California

Sgt. Rasmussen was one of the first three Americans killed at Pearl Harbor.

Eric Allen_edited.png

by Robert Joyce, Florida

Lt. Allen was a USS Enterprise fighter pilot who survived being shot down and parachuting into the harbor, but died of wounds.

Rodgers, John Dayton_edited.jpg

by Bobbie Jo Carter, Arizona

Seaman First Class Rodgers was on the USS Arizona during the attack. An accomplished swimmer, he hoped to compete in the 1940 Olympics which were cancelled.

Gordon Sterling.png

by Lee Braswell, Colorado

Lt. Sterling was one of the few fighter pilots who was able to get into the air. He was credit with shooting down a Japanese Zero.

Robert Lee Avery-Enhanced_edited.jpg

by Paul Albert, Colorado

Pvt. Avery earned the Silver Star for setting up and firing a machine gun during the Pearl Harbor attack. His younger brother was killed by a kamikaze four years later.

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 3.51_edited.jpg

by Red Mulvanny, California

Mess Attendent Second Class Powell served on the Seaplane Tender USS Curtis. He used a deserted deck gun to shoot down perhaps the first Japanese plane destroyed.

Rodney Foss-Enhanced_edited.jpg

by Kathy Harmon, Pennsylvania

Ensign Rodney Foss had previously saved a man from drowning.  He was killed during the attack on Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay. A destroy escort was named after him.

Carlo Micheletto-Enhanced.jpg

by Steve McGee, Texas

Marine Sgt Micheletto, a son of Italian immigrants, was awarded the Bronze Star for his actions defending Ewa Marine Corps Air Station.

Chester Kleist_edited.jpg

by Jodi Block, Michigan

Coxswain Chester Kleist was on the  USS West Viriginia. He was 13 years in the service with three boys including twins.

John D Buckley.png

by Allison Albert, Rhode Island

AOM3c Buckley joined the Navy to help support the family. Five brothers  served during the war, including one on a destroyer escort named in his honor.

Lawrence Boxrucker enhanced_edited.jpg

by Mac Kolar, North Carolina

Fireman Second Class Boxrucker was lost on the USS Oklahoma. He joined the Navy with his twin brother who was there more than 60 years later to see him buried after his remains were identified. 

Warren Sherrill_edited.jpg

by Christy Erickson, Michigan

Y2c Sherrill dropped out of high school with his twin brother. His twin was in service in China, while he was the chaplain's assistance on the USS Arizona.

Read more Pearl Harbor fallen stories,
divided by state, 

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Stories can be read using the Together We Served or Find A Grave smartphone apps.

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Bobbie Jo Carter 1.jpg

Thank You

Jackie Menasco of Arizona

Allison Albert of Rhode Island

and Coby Crump of Utah

for directing the Pearl Harbor Fallen Project,

and Bobbie Jo Carter of Arizona for the

USS Arizona Mall Memorial participation.


Jackie Menasco.jpg
Allison Albert 1.jpg
Coby Crump 2.png

We would also like to thank all of the volunteers

 writing stories, enhancing photos, and building the database for the Pearl Harbor Fallen Project.

Paul Albert, Colorado (20+)

Robert Allen, Nebraska

Anita Ashworth, Alabama

Pamela Baker, Alabama (100+)

Nickie Barksdale, Alabama

Cassidy Baugh, Utah

Heidi Bay, Oregon

Sonya Bayles, Georgia

Dane Bean, Idaho

Jennifer Belden, Colorado

Jodi Block, Michigan

Steve Booth, Utah (50+)

Liesl Bradner, California

Lee Braswell, Colorado (200+)

Lisa Brocadello-Bergeson

Molly Brown, Utah

Emily Burnett, Utah

Betsy Carroll, California

Tricia Castille, Lousiana

Georgene Chastain, Virginia

Mary DeMers, Arizona

Lynn Durbin, Ohio

Bill Ellis, Alabama

Brianne Ellison, Utah

Lise Embley, Illinois

Christy Erickson, Michigan (100+)

Theresa Espin, Texas

Attalie Fielding, Texas

Dana Floyd, South Carolina

Kira Foltz, California

Becky Fox, Georgia

Cindy Frie, Virginia

Preston Reitas, Utah

Zachary Frisch, Utah 

Terry Fronk, Utah

Shannon Gannon, Illinois 

Wes Gibbs, Montana

Susan Gould, Tennessee (20+)

Matthieu Guillemant, France

Laura Hanaford, California

Kim Hardaway, Tennessee

Kathy Harmon, Pennsylvania (50+)

John Harris, California 

Alicia Hedrick, Arizona

Kimberley Hill, New York

Debi Holley, Utah

Kirstin Howard, Utah

Bethany Hurt, Utah

Valerie Jones, Oklahoma (50+)

Bob Joyce, Florida (100+)

Jeff Joyce, Virginia

Judy Joyce, Indiana

Lisa Keith-Lucas, Florida

Maryalice Keller, New York (20+)

Mac Kolar, North Carolina (20+)

Bruce Lamberto, Florida

Mitzi Laughlin, Texas

Shae Le, Hawaii 

Debi Lehman, Oklahoma (20+)

Duncan Lewis, Utah

Erin McBride, Arizona

Kathy McDermott, Indiana

Steve McGee, Texas

Kevin McIntire, California (20+)

John McParland, New Jersey

Shawn Mecham, Utah

Karen Marie McNichols, Illinois

Thomas Montgomery, Ohio

Nakita Moss, Oklahoma

Robert Mulvanny, California (400+)

Marilyn Murphy, Wisconsin (50+)

Azure Nikora, Utah

Delaine Noyer, California

Neil O'Connor, New York

Eden Palmer, Illinois (20+)

Betty Patterson, Texas

Marry Peterson, Minnesota

Lorie Rafter, California

Katherine Rasdorf, Virginia

Kathleen Reber, Utah (20+)

Brandon Rhea, Utah

Megan Saunders, Utah

John Schlatter, Utah

Pamela Schnagel, Wisconsin

Al Schutte, Ohio

Joyce Self, Virginia

Sophia Shapiro, Utah

Cynthia Shryock, Colorado

Lowell Silverman, Delaware

Rona Simmons, Georgia

Linda Simpson, Oklahoma (20+)

Susan Singleton, Illinois (20+)

Gary Smith, Pennsylvania (20+)

Sarah Stewart, Missouri

Kerry Stockdale, New Jersey (20+)

Kendall Summers, Utah

Ronalee Summers, Utah

Amanda Thompson, California

Evelyn Ting, Georgia

Terrence Toohig, Pennsylvania

Jeff Vessenmeyer, Wisconsin

Nathan Warrick, Texas

Chris Weiss, Utah

Kiri West, Kansas

Melodye Whatley, Connecticut

Kerry White, Massachusetts

Peggy Wilkins, District of Columbia

Brielle Williams, Utah

Charles Woodall, Alabama (50+)

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