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HMT Rohna Fallen Remembered

1,015 US WWII fallen were lost when HMT Rohna sank. 
We are telling the stories of all of them.

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Casualties from

HMT Rohna

nearly equaled those from USS Arizona

The HMT Rohna was transporting about 2,000 US Army and US Army Air Corps soldiers through the Mediterranean Sea to their destination in Asia. Off the coast of Algeria on November 26, 1943, they were attacked by Heinkel He 177A heavy bombers. During the attack, the first smart bomb (radio controlled) missile deployed in wartime hit the HMT Rohna near the waterline. The impact point was aligned with the hold were many of the passengers were congregating. The subsequent explosion was responsible for a majority of the 1,015 casualties. The remaining died due to their wounds or by hypothermia.


At that time, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Chiang Kai-shek were meeting and it was their decision to “Classify” the attack. We are partnering with The Rohna Survivors Memorial Association (TRSMA) to complete the 1,015 stories prior to the 80th anniversary in November 2023. The full story of the sinking has not been released to the general public and only recently the World War II Museum in New Orleans agreed to incorporate an article about the attack, and to include the HMT Rohna Trailer. 


Jack Ballo is a producer that has completed a documentary of the HMT Rohna and the premier is tentatively scheduled for this Veteran’s Day in New Jersey. It is our desire to have all the stories submitted into Fold3 or TWS prior to the event. If so, either Michael Walsh (Rohna historian) or Jack Ballo can make an announcement that every one of the 1,015 have been honored.

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Read some of these stories here:


T/4 Joseph J. Pisinski

Story by Jack Chisum, Arizona

Parents from Poland. Tobacco worker from New Jersey. Left behind a widow. Read full story here.


PFC Harold L. Bricker

Story by Jack Chisum, Arizona

He had 16 brothers and sisters. Warehouse worker from Pennsylvania.  Read his story here.


CPT Benjamin E. Priddy

Story by John Mier, Illinois

A draftsman and World War I veteran who became a road building company executive. Rejoined Army at age 46 due to his engineering skills. Read full story here.


SSGT Henry P. Salamone

Story by Judith Skillings, Pennsylvania 

Parents born in Italy. Father died on 1931 and mother died in 1942. Eleven brothers and sisters. Meat-cutter from Maine. See full story here.

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Help Wanted
to Write an Airman's Story

More details soon.

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Help Wanted
to Write a Soldier's Story

More details soon.

We invite you to help us write all of the US HMT Rohna fallen stories

 Email Jack Chisum at

All names

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Thanks to our volunteer story writers
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