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D-Day Remembered

2,502 Americans lost their lives in Normandy on D-Day. Our volunteers have told ALL of their stories. Join us in honoring these fallen. 

Read some of these stories here:


Chief Motor Mac George Kelly

by Jeff Veesenmeyer, Wisconsin

Kelly's landing craft was blown out of the water by a mine and immediately began to sink with Kelly in the engine room. The ship sank within five minutes with the hull facing up. Read full story here.

Harold Oliver Allensworth.jpeg

Sgt Harold O. Allensworth 

by James Hooper, Texas

18 years old, Allensworth lost his life in the English Channel. His B-24 went down after disrupting German transportation of reinforcements and supplies to the invasion zones. Read full story here.


1st Lt Donald Turner

by Steve Booth, Utah

Lt. Donald Turner commanded one of the floatable "DD"tanks lost in the heavy seas off of Omaha Beach. Read full story here.

David Mac Runnell.png

Pvt David MacRunnel

by Molly Brown, Utah

David MacRunnel was a medic on Omaha Beach tasked with giving aid to wounded men while under enemy fire. Read full story here.

James T Harper.png

Pfc James T. Harper

by Pam Baker, Alabama

Harper was one of the first from his regiment to land on Utah Beach. He was mortally wounded and evacuated to an aid station where his body was lost. Read full story here.

Abner L Adams.png

Tech Sgt Abner L Adams

by Randy Hervey, Colorado

Adams was a truck driver who was in the first wave of trucks to land on Omaha Beach. The trucks were tempting targets and only one-third made it to the beach. Read full story here.

John D Halls.png

Pfc John D. Halls

by Bryan Fusfield, Colorado

101st Airborne paratrooper John Halls took part in the storied assault on the German guns at Brécourt Manor, lead by Lt. Dick Winters of "Band of Brother" fame. Read full story here.

Jack DeNunzio.png

Seaman Jack A. DeNunzio

by Julie Sohlberg, Colorado

Coast Guard seaman Jack DeNunzio served on an LCI that brought troops to Omaha Beach. The pilot house was hit by enemy fire. Read full story here.

Fred Bisco.png

Staff Sergeant Fred G. Bisco

by Gene Ecker, Minnesota

SSgt Fred Bisco helped lead his unit away from a dangerous minefield and off of Omaha Beach. Read full story here.

Richard Barclay.png

Lt Richard M. Barclay

by John Schlatter, Utah

Lt Barclay was a navy pilot assigned to spotting duties for the navy warships providing artillery support for the invasion. He was flying a Spitfire, which he had barely flown. He was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Read full story here.

Anthony Hitztaler.png

Pvt Anthony Hitztaler

by Gary Smith, Utah

82nd Airborne paratrooper Hitztaler landed near a German command post and was captured after a short fire fight. After being interrogated by the Germans, Hitztaler and the other Americans with him were executed. Read full story here.

Eston Kuhn.png

2nd Lt Eston C. Kuhn

by Bob Joyce, Florida

Lt Kuhn was a pilot of a C-47 that was shot down while towing a glider. After being captured, he was killed by a strafing Allied fighter while being transported in a German truck. Read full story here.

Find EVERY D-Day fallen story here
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Coming soon you will be able to read any fallen's story at any gravesite.

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Emily Ritter of Indiana

and Jenna Rabtzow of Colorado

for managing the

D-Day Fallen Stories Project.


We would also like to thank all of the volunteers who spent thousands of hours writing the stories of the US D-Day fallen.

Contributed 200+ stories:

Red Mulvanny, California

Contributed 100-199 stories:

Lee Braswell, Colorado

Susan Gould, Tennessee

Randy Hervey, Colorado

Marilyn Murphy, Wisconsin

Mary Peterson, Minnesota

Gary Smith, Utah

Contributed 50-99 stories:

Mike Appleby, Colorado

Pamela Baker, Alabama

Molly Brown, Utah

Bob Joyce, Florida

Viki Joyce, Florida

Emily Ritter, Indiana

John Schlatter, Utah

Elizabeth Shaw, South Carolina

Linda Simpson, Oklahoma

Susan Singleton, Illinois

Viki Strong, Utah

Contributed 20-49 stories:

Paul Albert, Colorado

Troy Burnnett, Utah

Tricia Castille, Louisiana

Gene Ecker, Georgia

Christy Erickson, Michigan

Teri Fronk, Utah

Luann Greenwell, Utah

Ruth Ipson, Utah

Steve McGee, Texas

Pat Nausda, Ohio

Kathleen Reber, Utah

Julie Sohlberg, Colorado

Jeff Veesenmeyer, Wisconsin

Virgina Wortz, Indiana

Contributing 1-19 stories:

Allison Albert, Rhode Island

Robert Allen, Nebraska

John Antkowiak, North Carolina

JoDene Arakelian, Utah

Anita Ashworth, Alabama

Melissa Barocio, Utah

Heidi Bay, Oregon

Jodi Block, Michigan

Bette Bohman, Utah

Heidi Bolling, Illinois

Steve Booth, Utah

Brian Borsa, Missouri

Ethan Brady, West Virginia

Tyler Brownell, Colorado

Emily Burnnett, Utah

Kagan Byron, Utah

Richard Cady, Ohio

Georgene Chastain, Virginia

Irving Chun, Hawaii

Melanie Clark, Georgia

Emily Collins, Wisconsin

Coby Crump, Utah

Maximilien De Lussac, France

Joanne Dillon, New York

Dennis Dupras, Alaska

Dana Floyd, South Carolina

Jonathan Floyd, Utah

Becky Fox, Georgia

Preston Freitas, Utah

Bob Fuerst, Alabama

Bryan Fusfield, Colorado

Wes Gibbs, Montana

Mathieu Guillemant, France

Amie Gutierrez, Michigan

Erin Hakes, California

Kim Hardaway, Tennessee

Kathy Harmon, Pennsylvania

Kim Hill, New York

Wendy Jordan, United Kingdom

Carol Kersey, Iowa

Mac Kolar, North Carolina

Bruce Lamberto, Florida

John Lannefeld, Utah

Contributed 1-19 stories:

Mitzi Laughlin, Texas

Deborah Lobey, Oregon

Lisa Keith-Lucas, Florida

Lynn Machen, California

David Magleby, Idaho

Paula Marczynski, Florida

David Marne, Nebraska

Erin McBride, Arizona

Kevin McIntire, California

Karen McNichols, Illinois

John McParland, New Jersey

Don Milne, Kentucky

Tom Montgomery, Missouri

Camille Noel, Utah

Ken Parker, Virginia

Betty Patterson, Texas

Judy Joyce Price, Indiana

Marcia Baldock Proebstle, Utah

Jenna Rabtzow, Colorado

Katherine Rasdorf, Virginia

Aarica Rice, Colorado

Heather Ritts, Pennsylvania

Leslie Smoot, Utah

Rhonda Steele, Colorado

Ronalee Summers, Utah

Thomas Schlosser, Georgia

Pamela Schnagl, Wisconsin

Al Schutte, Ohio

Joyce Self, Virginia

Sophia Shaprio, Utah

Jerrold Shouse, Arizona

Lowell Silverman, Delaware

Rona Simmons, Georgia

Gene Smith-,Ohio

Micheline Smith, Utah

Sean Spradlin, Oklahoma

Terry Toohig, Pennsylvania

Dwane Veet, Pennsylvania

Kerry White, Massachusetts

Chris Willis, Kentucky

Zach Wood, North Carolina

Charles Woodall, Alabama

Elaine Young, Utah

Thank You

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