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Arlington WWII Fallen Remembered

8,700 WWII fallen are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
We are telling the stories of all of them.


Over a year and a half period, nearly 200 volunteers with Stories Behind the Stars have written individual stories of everyone of the 8,700 WWII fallen buried at Arlington National Cemetery. 

The 4 million plus annual visitors can now visit any of their gravesites and read each of their stories at their final resting place.

Read some of these stories here:

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 9.12.19 PM.png

CPT Fred B. Brink, Jr.

by Kathy Harmon, Pennsylvania

Brink broke his back in a P-38 crash, but stayed in the service until he went MIA in the North Sea. Read full story here or here.

Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 7.33_edited.jpg

1LT John B. Armstrong

By Marilyn Murphy, Wisconsin

Marine Armstrong earned the Navy Cross on the first day of the Battle of Saipan. He stopped an ammunition dump fire from killing many Marines.  Read his story here.

George Yamaguchi-Enhanced_edited.jpg

T/4 George T. Yamaguchi

by Karen Baker, Arkansas

Yamaguchi was a college graduate with a degree in math, join the Army from an internment camp and served as a translator/interpreter until he died on Okinawa. Read full story here.

Robert C Robinson-Enhanced_edited.jpg

2LT Robert C. Robinson, Jr.

by Bob Joyce, Florida

Tuskegee airman and P-51 pilot killed while protecting bombers over Italy. Read full story here.

Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 8.20.40 PM.png

2LT Evelyn C. Eckert

by Jon Strupp, Minnesota

Army Nurse Eckert served on the hospital ship USS Comfort until killed by a kamikaze plane that crashed into the surgical ward. Read full story here.

Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 7.07.18 PM.png

CPT Ellis S. Middleton

by Debi Lehman, Oklahoma

P-47 pilot Middleton crashed in Holland in 1944 and was MIA. After the war his father distributed 30,000 flyers in Europe looking for his only child. Read full story here or here.

Howard Thatcher Willey 12 Dec 1943_edited_edited.jpg

2LT Howard T. Willey

by Laura Hanaford, California

Navy F4F-4 pilot was photographed for a national magazine cover shortly before his death in a training accident.

Read full story here.

Robert P Russell James F Russell-Enhanced.jpg

2LT James F. Russell and
2LT Robert P. Russell

by Les Wiesenfelder, Maryland 

The Russell brothers were officers on the same B-24 lost on a bombing mission to Hannover, Germany. Read full stories here and here.

Joe S Austell_edited.jpg

PVT Joe S. Austell

by Pat Bruwer, Florida

Joined the army at age 15 by lying about his age. He became a paratrooper and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He was killed in Operation Varsity, the final airborne operation in Europe. Read full story here.

Col Gustav Guenther.png

COL Gustav B. Guenther

by Gretchen Dahlen, Wisconsin

A career military officer for more than 25 years. He was a US military attache at many European capitals in the 1930s. During the war he was a high ranking Office of Strategic Services officer. He was killed in London when a V-1 flying bomb hit the church he was attending. Read his full story here.

Lionel N Sceurman_edited_edited_edited.j

1LT Lionel N. Sceurman

by Stephanie Young, New Jersey

Learned to play the saxophone and was a championship swimmer when he was young. He was a B-17 pilot who completed eight bombing missions. The day before Germany surrendered (VE Day), he was flying a mission to drop food supplies in Holland when his plane crashed in the North Sea. See full story here.

Joseph B Traywick_edited.png

CPT Joseph B. Traywick

by John Rutherford, Virginia

Came from a family of doctors (grandfathers, father, father-in-law, son). He served as a battalion surgeon for nearly two years beginning in North Africa. CPT Traywick was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest. He was in a forward position to provide timely medical attention to the wounded. He was wounded, refused to be evacuated, and was killed by artillery fire later the same day. Read full story here.

James Anderson at Arlington National Cemetery.jpg

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Thanks to our volunteer Section Directors
who have been
managing the writers
and researchers working on the project 

Tammy Burrows

Tricia Castille

Becky Fox

Kathy Harmon

Christy Johnson

Karen Marquart

Katherine Rasdorf

Linda Simpson

Judith Skillings

Thanks to our volunteer story writers
and database researchers


Allison Albert, Rhode Island

Bob Allen, Nebraska

Norene Allen, Kansas

Jenny Allgrunn, Utah

Brandy Anderson, Utah

Richard Appenzellar, PA

Anita Ashworth, Alabama

Peggy Askins, Kansas

Laura Bailey, North Carolina

Neal Baird, Nevada

Alida Baker, Pennsylvania

Kate Baker, New Jersey

Pamela Baker, Alabama

Therese Baker, Mississippi

Peter Bateman, Kentucky

Heidi Bay, Oregon

Michael Bell, California

Mimi Benson,Illinois

Christina Berring, Colorado

Jodi Block, Michigan

Lesa Boatin, Tennessee

Janne Boone, Florida

Steve Booth, Utah

Tom Bowers, Virginia

Liesl Bradner, California

Rhonda Brady, Illinois

Lee Braswell, Colorado

Linda Breler, New Jersey

Molly Brown, Utah

Pat Bruwer, Florida

Hayden Bryan, Virginia

Carol Bryson, California

Sebastian Bufalino, Illinois

Georgene Chastain, Virginia

Thomas Clark, Maryland

Thomas Cock, Washington

Beth Colborn, Pennsylvania

Brian deBruijn, New York

Sue deBruijn, New York

Paul deGategno, PA

Walter Denney, Alabama

George Diaz, Florida

Sharon Dittmer, Missouri

Linda Duarte, Florida

Dennis Dupras, Alaska


Paul Durand, Texas

Connie Durrance, Florida

Gene Ecker, Minnesota

Bill Ellis, Alabama

Christy Erickson, Michigan

Tony Evangelista, SC

Bryan Fusfield, Colorado

Mona Geidel, South Dakota

Julia Gimbel, Wisconsin

Melanie Ginnity, Georgia

Heather Goodmansen, MD

Thomas Gorham,  Louisiana

Susan Gould, Tennessee

LuAnn Greenwell, Utah

Jim Greenberg, New York

Mathieu Guillemant, France

Laura Hanaford, California

Krista Hanson, Wisconsin

John Haskins, Texas

Kim Hardaway, Tennessee

Kathy Harmon, Pennsylvania

Maureen Heim, Oregon

Randy Hervey, Colorado

Tammy Hilt, Virginia

Debra Holley, Utah

Carol Houston, Washington

Kirstin Howard, Utah

Catherine Hutchins, NJ

Susan Jensen, Arizona

Valerie Jones, Oklahoma

Bob Joyce, Florida

Jeff Joyce, Virginia

Rob Joyce, Maryland

Carl Kalie, Pennsylvania

Lisa Keith-Lucas, Florida

Maryalice Keller, Florida

Bob Kenney, Maryland

Kimberlee Kiehl, Ohio

Joan Kirschner, North Carolina

Mac Kolar, Wisconsin

Russ Kuntz, Pennsylvania

Thomas La Padula, NY

Mike Layman, South Carolina

Cyndie Loseke, Idaho

Hudson Louie, Ohio


Debi Lehman, Oklahoma

Lynn Machen, California

Michael Maloney, Virginia

Leo Marshall, Maryland

Cherie McEwen, New York

Steve McGee, Texas

Pati McGuiness, PA

Kevin McIntire, California

Jill McKeen, Alabama

Don Milne, Kentucky

Gary Miner, Utah

Rick Moll, South Carolina

Chris Moyer, Pennsylvania

Alan Muhlnickel, New York

Chris Mulcahy, Texas

Red Mulvanny, California

Marilyn Murphy, Wisconsin

Pat Nauseda, Ohio

Cindy Nelson, Wisconsin

Denise Nevil, Texas

Kimberly Nichols, WA

Jack Oberholtzer, PA

Karin Olson, Illinois

Robert Olson, Nevada

Ed Osterman, Oregon

Doria Owen, Maryland

Eden Palmer, Illinois

Mona Parish, Texas

Karen Pell, North Carolina

Jacqueline Penrod, PA

Mary Peterson, Minnesota

Lori Pinn, Arizona

Kathleen Reber, Utah

Christy Reed, Texas

Sarah Reiter, Virginia

Brandon Rhea, Utah

LaDawna Roberts, Indiana

Paul Robertson, Wyoming

Judy Rodriguez, Ohio

John Rohrs

Brandy Rose, Utah

Douglas Rupe, Kansas

John Rutherford, Virginia

Kellan Sams, Georgia

Carl Sander, Washington


Dennis Sauter, Colorado

John Schlatter, Utah

Pamela Schnagl, Wisconsin

Lea Schneider, Tennessee

Jane Schrenzel, California

Al Schutte, Ohio

Joyce Self, Virginia

Sophia Shapiro, Utah

Elizabeth Shaw, South Carolina

Laura Shivers, Florida

John Schlatter, Utah

Jodi Shumaker, Kentucky

Rona Simmons, Georgia

Linda Simpson, Oklahoma

Susan Singleton, Illinois

Judith Skillings, Pennsylvania

Gary Smith, Colorado

Raymond Smith, California

Margaret Staudinger, Virginia

Kandi Stevens, California 

John Stinson, Maryland

Vicki Strong, Utah

Kerry Stockdale, New Jersey

Robert Sullivan, Massachusetts

Ronalee Summers, Utah

Anna Swanson, Illinois

Shaunna Syphus, Utah

Gene Talley, Texas

Pamela Tilson, North Carolina

John Turanin, California

Jeff Veesenmeyer, Wisconsin

Eva Vitacek, Illinois

Michelle Volk, Arizona

Betsy Wald, New York

Neil Weisfeld, New Jersey

Les Wiesenfelder, Maryland

Brian Welhoelter, Washington

Roberta Winn, Washington

Charles Woodall, Alabama

Ginny Wortz, Indiana

Judy Wright, Michigan

Sue Wunderlich, Texas

Stephanie Young, New Jersey


Karen Baker, Arkansas

Sonya Bayles, Georgia

Michael Bell

Liesl Bradner, California

Lee Braswell, Colorado

Tricia Castille, Louisiana

Brad Cychosz, Wisconsin

Dennis Dupras, Alaska

Becky Fox, Georgia

Teri Fronk, Utah

Molly Green, North Carolina

Kathy Harmon, Pennsylvania

Lois Healen, Ohio

Kirstin Howard, Utah

Kerry Huffstutler, Alabama

Christy Johnson, Tennessee

Valerie Jones, Oklahoma

Jeff Joyce, Virginia

Mary Alice & Wade Keller, Florida

Debi Lehman, Oklahoma

Don Milne, Kentucky

Marilyn Murphy, Wisconsin

Eden Palmer, Illinois

Mary Peterson, Minnesota

Jenna Rabtzow, Colorado

Al Schutte, Ohio

Linda Simpson, Oklahoma

Susan Singleton, Illinois

John Sise, Pennsylvania

Julie Sohlberg, Colorado

Ronalee Summers, Utah

Pamela Tilson, North Carolina

Melodye Whatley, Connecticut

Elaine Young, Utah

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