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A Fascinating Preview of The Arlington National Cemetery WWII Fallen Project

As mentioned in a previous post

our next project after Pearl Harbor will be Arlington.

Starting on Veterans Day, we are going to need help building out the database, cemetery section by cemetery section, because our list includes those who died during the war who were not in military service.

As a test I selected Section 30 that has 32 names to review. In just one hour's time I found some fascinating history among these few names:

  • A 4 star general who proceeded George Marshall as the Army Chief of Staff (Malin Craig)

  • A group of airmen whose jungle crash site remained lost for 25 years

  • Six infants

  • The wife of a US President (Helen Taft)

  • Someone born in 1855 who played a key role in the development of arms and artillery used by the United States for much of the 20th Century (William Crozier)

  • The highest ranking officer to go MIA during the war, who may have been freed by the Russians but never released (Brigadier General Charles Keerans) - a cenotaph grave

Arlington is rich in history and should be a fantastic project to work on as we get the database ready for our writers to work on.

I invite you to contact me if you would like to help to build out the Arlington National Cemetery database.

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