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A Fun Way to Track Participation in Remembering the Fallen

To recognize those who write the stories of the fallen for inclusion in the Stories Behind the Stars project we have decided to give everyone a rank that reflects how many stories they have written.

Everyone starts off as a private after writing their first story.

Write a second story and you advance to the rank of Private First Class.

The more stories you write, the higher your STAR Corps rank. It's just good for bragging rights, but I think it would leave a smile on the faces of the fallen.

Here is the full list of ranks:

When people reach the rank of second lieutenant at 20 stories we will recognize them with a Stories Behind the Stars hat. For those who reach the rank of Brigadier General, we will create a press release for your local area media and also present you with a meaningful thank you gift. (Ideas?)

We have 400,000 stories to write. I think we could use some general level help, but of course all help writing any stories of the fallen is appreciated.

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