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Announcing Pearl Harbor Fallen Project Directors

The following individuals have volunteered to direct our Pearl Harbor Fallen Project:

Allison Albert of Rhode Island

Coby Crump of Utah

Jackie Menasco of Arizona

We are using a database created by Katherine Rasdorf of Virginia.

This database does not have all the information we need to get started (such as Date of Birth, Service Number, etc.).

We have a crew of volunteers who are doing the research to find this missing information.

Anita Ashworth from Alabama

Heidi Bay from Oregon

Lee Braswell from Colorado

Christy Erickson from Michigan

Preston Freitas from Utah

Teri Fronk from Utah

Wes Gibbs from Montana

Susan Gould from Tennessee

Susan Singleton from Illinois

Terrance Toohig from Pennsylvania

If you would like to join the crew for the research portion of this project, email

We hope to have much, if not all, of this work done by July 4, 2021 when we will officially launch this project and start assigning out names. We plan to have stories for all names done before December 7, 2021. We also plan on having our smartphone app ready by then, so anyone visiting the cemeteries or memorials of these fallen will be able to read all of their stories. Visits to memorials like the USS Arizona Memorial or USS Oklahoma Memorial will be a much richer experience thanks to the stories SBTS volunteers will have written.

For the Pearl Harbor Fallen Project, all stories will be saved to Together We Served profiles. TWS will automatically save the stories to Fold3 so they will be found there too. Although volunteers will need to learn how to use this new platform, it comes with many useful features not available on Fold3.

We are in the process of creating training material on how to use TWS. These will be made available before July 4, 2021. One thing you can do now is create a TWS account with special SBTS Historian rights. To do that, please email Kim Craft at

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