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Brothers who died on same bomber mission - Visit their grave in Arlington National Cemetery

Two brothers, James F. Russell and Robert P. Russell, are buried in a shared grave with six others of the crew from B-24 #42-110083 lost on April 8, 1944 on a bombing mission to Hannover, Germany. Having brothers serve on the same bomber crew was discouraged, but the Russells managed to make it happen.

Visitors to their grave (Section 34, Plot 4762) can read their stories, and those of their crew mates, via smartphone. Stories of co-pilot 2LT James Russell and navigator 2LT Robert Russell were written by Les Wiesenfelder of Maryland.

This is the first time in the history of Arlington National Cemetery that the general public has everything needed to identify details about all of the 8,700 WWII fallen buried there.

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