• Don Milne

Every Pearl Harbor fallen has a story - 2,335 of them

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The 2,335 Americans, who died due to the December 7, 1941 Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, have been remembered for 80 years. However, most people can only remembered them by name.

It was not possible to find a story for each and everyone of them that could be easily accessed from one location.

Until now.

Nearly 150 volunteers from more than three dozen states, as well as France and England, have worked on the database, enhanced photos (thank you MyHeritage!) and wrote & edited their stories now saved permanently on Together We Served and Fold3. As you scroll below, passing like a parade, you can see a brief bio of a fallen flag bearer representing his state, a link to his full story, and a link to where you can find the other stories of the fallen from that state.

Note: Flags reflect version in use in 1945.


S2c George Washington Ingram

NAS Kaneohe Bay

His actions to repel the attach without regard to life resulted in a citation

Destroyer escort named in his honor

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COX George Hollowell

USS Arizona

Always wanted to join the Navy

Played the violin

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ENS Rodney Shelton Foss

Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay

Saved a man from drowning in April 1941

A destroyer escort was named for him

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SGT Warren D. Rasmussen

251st Coast Artillery

One of the first three servicemen killed at Pearl Harbor when his rented Piper Cub was shot down by approaching Japanese planes

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S2c Harold D Webster

USS Arizona

Talked father into letting him drop out of high school and join navy at age 17

Park in Loveland, Colorado named for him

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LTJG Eric Allen, Jr.

USS Enterprise

Naval Academy graduate

Shot down and parachuted into Pearl Harbor during the attack

Swam to Ford Island but died of wounds

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BM2c George A. Penuel, Jr.

USS Shaw

Former Boy Scout and National Guardsman

First Delawarean to die in the line of duty in World War II

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District of Columbia

ENS Robert S Booth

USS Arizona

Captain of high school rifle team

Studied electrical engineering in college

Destroyer escort named in his honor

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LTJG William R. Hollis

USS Arizona

Florida police officer when called to active duty

Correctly predicted war would start within one week

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PFC William H. Manley

Wheeler Field

Aviation Mechanic

Red Cross chapter named in his honor

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S2c Berry S. Jolley

USS Arizona

Both parents died within six months when he was 5 years old

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LCDR Thomas E. Crowley

USS Arizona

Joined Navy at age 16

Ship dentist

Destroyer escort named in his honor

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Oris V. Brandt

USS Oklahoma

Captain of high school basketball team

Remains not identified until 2019 and laid to rest in September2021

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S1c William V Ball

USS Arizona

When his neighbors, the Sullivans, learned of Ball's death, the five brothers joined the navy. They all perished on the USS Juneau in November 1942.

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S1c John A. Bird

USS Tracy

Had 15 brothers and sister

Left ship to help defend USS Pennsylvania

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MU1 Frederick W Kinney

USS Arizona

Bandmaster of USS Arizona Band

Was on the fantail ready to play Colors when the Pearl Harbor attack began

All band members ran down to their battle stations in the ammunition holds