• Don Milne

Enhancing Your Pearl Harbor Photos

Attention all Pearl Harbor story writers:

As you research and save stories of the Pearl Harbor fallen, you may be using a photo of the fallen that is less than optimal. The above example shows the original and enhanced photo of Elmer Drefahl.

Thanks to the photo enhancing technology offered my we are able to (in most cases) make the photos we use even better.

Here is how you can do this.

  1. Save the photo (or photos) you want enhanced using the full name of the fallen.

  2. Note, a photo that is 300 x 300 pixels or less is too small to enhance. For small photos, if you can zoom in to make the photo larger, you should be able to save a larger version.

  3. Email the photo to

  4. Linda will assign this photo to one of our photo enhancers

  5. The photo enhancer will email you back the enhanced photo. Use this photo when saving your story to Together We Served.

Questions? Email

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