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Episodes Update: Stories Behind the Stars Podcast

Here are three more great-to-listen-to podcasts.

Researcher Bob Fuerst shares his journey as our very first volunteer and he work as the manager of the Alabama database of fallen.

Bellow is a link to the story of Luther "Luke" Isom, who was killed on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor and was Madison County, Alabama's first casualty of WWII.

Marine Corps veteran Adam Earls tells the story of the Filipino’s who gave their lives for a country that was not their own. Adam also tells the stories from his own regiment -- the 1st Battalion 8th Marines, and his own family's loss.

Teodorico G. Galicia was the last man from the 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment who died in the war, the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

Family relative AAF medic Pvt. Floyd "Bud" Ernst

1/8 Marines Silver Star recipient Lt. Newell Berg

1/8 Marines Tarawa Navy Cross recipient Lt. Mark Tomlinson

See more about Adam's work and visit the Pike County GA Memorial to the Fallen. The link is:

Weber County native Kim Dixon had a goal of finding all the WWII fallen from Weber County, Utah and has written more than 200 stories of these fallen.

One of the stories that stands out to her is the story of John W. Lambert, who volunteered for the US Navy at age 17, was captured by the Japanese after the surrender of Wake Island, and was executed as a prisoner of war -- perhaps the first war crime Japan committed against the United States in World War II.

Episodes are conducted by Stories Behind the Stars webmaster Tatiana Fallon. We plan to add new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

These episodes focus on our Stories Behind the Stars writers and the stories they have written.

The podcast is hosted at, but you can access any podcast platform such as Apple iOS, Google Android, or Spotify to subscribe. Just search your favorite podcast platform for Stories Behind the Stars. Be sure to give us a 5 star rating, subscribe, and share it with those who you think would find this of interest.

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