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Help Wanted Leading Something Historic

Stories Behind the Stars has the audacious mission of finding volunteers to tell the stories of all 421,000 US WWII fallen.

In order to do that we first need to have a list of who these men and women were. This has to be done on a state by state basis.

There is no official and accurate national list of all the US WWII fallen. So far we have not found any existing complete state level lists

In 2020 we were able to identify all of the WWII fallen from one state - Utah. In 2021 we had volunteers step forward to take on the task of identifying all of the fallen from these 14 states:

  1. Alabama

  2. Alaska

  3. Arizona

  4. Colorado

  5. Georgia

  6. Idaho

  7. Indiana

  8. Kentucky

  9. Louisiana

  10. Missouri

  11. New York

  12. Oklahoma

  13. Pennsylvania

  14. Rhode Island

We would like to see if there are others interested in working on the databases for any of the other remaining states.

Our existing state database directors meet via Zoom each months to learn best practices to build a complete database and involve volunteers who want to write their stories. Our next meeting is Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 9 pm Eastern Time / 6 pm Pacific Time.

The amount of time people want to spend on this project is up to them. It is a unique opportunity to do something that has never been done before and will become the most complete record of WWII fallen in every state.

To find out more, email Don Milne at

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