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Help write the stories of the 2,335 Pearl Harbor fallen

This December 7, 2021 marks the 80th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Stories Behind the Stars has began a project to engage volunteers to write individual stories of all 2,335 Pearl Harbor fallen.

Our volunteers have already completed the stories of all 2,100 from one state (Utah) and all 2,502 Americans who died in Normandy on D-Day.

It takes about as much time to research and write a story as it takes to watch a show on Netflix. We provide free training and free access to research sites you need to complete the stories (,, and

Your stories will be available to read at any gravesites and memorials using a smartphone app that is scheduled to be ready by December.

To get the details on how to help, visit here.

If you are ready to join the Pearl Harbor Fallen Project to write their stories or have a question, email

Don Milne

Stories Behind the Stars

Founder and Director

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