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Join 300 Volunteers in Historic Arlington National Cemetery Project

Beginning this week the non profit initiative Stories Behind the Stars is organizing volunteers to write the stories of everyone of the ~7,700 World War II fallen buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

In the last 12 months, Stories Behind the Stars has completed three projects to remember the WWII fallen:

  • 2,100 stories from the state of Utah

  • 2,502 stories of the D-Day fallen

  • 2,335 stories of the Pearl Harbor fallen

The Arlington project has more names than all of these projects combined. We are going to need more help than ever before.

Our hope is to complete all of these stories by Memorial Day 2022.

At that point it will be possible to read any of these stories at gravesite using either the Together We Served smartphone app, or the Find A Grave / Fold3 smartphone app.

To complete 7,700 stories is going to require the participation of around 300 volunteers writing one story a week for 21 weeks.

We appreciate those who can write more, and since every story done gets us closer to the goal, we welcome participation by those who can only write a few stories.

This video provides more details about this project:

New training material will be made available to assist volunteers, as well as free access to research sites such as,, and Premium

Be part of a once-in-a-lifetime effort to forever remember the WWII fallen buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Watch the video and contact, if you want to join The 300.

No more unknown soldiers.

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