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Make Your WWII Fallen Story Count Toward 421,000 Total

The mission of Stories Behind the Stars is to make sure everyone of the 421,000 US WWII fallen has a story by September 2, 2025.

How do we keep track of these stories?

All of the stories are saved to Fold3 memorials, either directly to Fold3 to through Together We Served. Originally, there was no way to get an easy running count of all the stories. In 2021 Fold3 rolled out a new feature that allowed Stories Behind the Stars to be recognized as a partner. Staff at Fold3 went through all of the stories added by SBTS volunteers and tagged them with a Stories Behind the Stars token.

Fold3 has done some upgrades and we need to provide new instructions for volunteers to add the SBTS token.

Once you have installed the SBTS token on your Fold3 account, you will be able to tag all your stories with the SBTS token so they are included in the total of WWII fallen stories we have completed.

This video describes how to do this:

The token expires every seven days, so rather than having to update here in this blog each week, the procedure is to request the token from Lois Healan.

These instructions are covered in the video, but they are repeated here for your reference.


  1. Sign in on Fold3 and visit the “Account Details” page.

  2. At the very bottom of all account options listed, there should be a section called Fold3 Partners.

  3. Click the “Edit” link on the right side of that line.

  4. In the field that should be revealed, paste the token received.

  5. After clicking the Join Partner button, return to any Memorial(s) to which the association with your organization is to be added.

On the right column of those, click an option to Add this Memorial as a partner (or something very similar) that should be shown.


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