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More Volunteers Invited to Help with Historic Pearl Harbor Fallen Project

Our more than 100 Pearl Harbor Fallen Project volunteers are doing a fantastic job at writing stories about our Pearl Harbor fallen.

As of this writing, they have accounted for more than 1,950 stories.

With just under three weeks to go until the 80th anniversary we have about 380 names that are not yet assigned.

While it is entirely possible that our current volunteers could get through all of these names in time, we don't want anyone skipping out on cooking Thanksgiving Dinner because they are working on Pearl Harbor fallen research. (That actually happened with someone helping on the Utah pilot last year. My apologies to her husband and family!) We would like to invite those who have not worked on the Pearl Harbor fallen project to help out with a few names to help us reach our goal of getting all the stories assign out to be finished by December 7.

Stories can be saved to a Word doc, so you don't have to learn how to use the Together We Served platform where our stories are being saved. My guess is it should take 2-3 hours to research and write the story of one of these fallen. The smartphone app that can be used to read these stories at any gravesite or memorial is scheduled to be ready around December 1. This means the stories you write can be read at the USS Arizona Memorial in time for Pearl Harbor Day. This memorial gets nearly 2 million visitors a year.

I have attached a sample story saved to a Word doc to give you an idea of what this looks like. You can see what the final Together We Served version looks like here.

Contact me at if you would like to help with a few names.

Harold Dwayne Webster
Download DOCX • 9KB

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