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Remembering all the American servicewomen killed in World War II

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

For Women's History Month we are highlighting Stories Behind the Stars volunteer Lea Schneider who is uncovering some fascinating stories as she works on identifying all the American servicewomen who died in World War II.

Lea has been interviewed a number of times for the Stories Behind the Stars podcast. This episode tells the story of Francis Slanger, the first American servicewoman killed by enemy action in Europe. This episode tells the stories of 10 other amazing women.

To find more stories of these women heroes from WWII visit this Fold3 page titled Stories of Women Who Lost Their Lives in World War II and also Lea's website.

There are probably between 500 and 700 American servicewomen who were killed during World War II. Lea and other volunteers have completed stories of about 100 of these so far.

If you would like to help Lea research and write about these women heroes, contact her at We need help with both writing the stories but also identifying the hundreds of women not located yet.

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