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Stories Behind the Stars Podcast Grows

I've been meaning to announce each podcast here as they get added, but I have been falling behind in this effort, so I will use this post to do some catching up.

Julie Sohlberg, of Colorado, has written nearly 200 stories of the WWII fallen. You can find them here.

Army veteran Dennis Dupras, of Alaska, has written more than 100 stories of the WWII fallen, focusing on those who served in the often overlooked Alaskan theater of operations.

Among the stories he has written are those of Alonzo Atkinson and Joseph Cunha who both earned the Distinguished Service Cross, the highest award for valor next to the Medal of Honor.

Susan Singleton, of Illinois, has contributed to more than 180 Fold3 profiles of the World War II fallen. Here are two of her favorite stories.

Al Schutte, from Ohio, has researched and written about more than 1,200 WWII fallen, focusing on those who served in B-29 Superfortresses.

Here is a link to one of of Al's favorite stories:

Captain Hugh Roper was a B-17 pilot who was lost on the infamous August 1, 1943 Ploesti Mission. It was his 25 mission, after which he would have met the requirements to go back home.

Lisa McCole, from Missouri, has completed nearly 100 WWII fallen stories. You can find them here.

Episodes are hosted by Stories Behind the Stars webmaster Tatiana Fallon. We plan to add new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

These episodes focus on our Stories Behind the Stars writers and the stories they have written.

The podcast is hosted at, but you can access any podcast platform such as Apple iOS, Google Android, or Spotify to subscribe. Just search your favorite podcast platform for Stories Behind the Stars. Be sure to give us a 5 star rating, subscribe, and share it with those who you think would find this of interest.

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