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The Incredible Letter of a Fallen Hero to His Unborn Son

I first learned of the 1944 letter Wallace Zosel wrote to his unborn son in 2019 when Chris Prough recommend that I share his story for my WW2 Fallen 100 blog on the hundredth anniversary of his birth on January 1, 2020.

I can't read this letter out loud without tearing up. It captures the hopes and dreams of the World War II fallen for a future they never knew, but made possible by their sacrifices.

It deserves the attention of everyone. Getting stories like this out to more people is one of the reasons why I started the Stories Behind the Stars project.

The Wallace Zosel letter is the subject of this episode of The Stories Behind the Stars podcast. Be sure to subscribe at any major podcasting platform so you can get all episodes.

And be sure to share it so others can hear this incredible letter.

Don Milne

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