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The Most Complete Pearl Harbor Fallen Database Ever

Stories Behind the Stars would like to announce the creation of what is likely the most complete Pearl Harbor fallen database ever.

This task was managed by Jackie Menasco of Arizona assisted by Allison Albert of Rhode Island and Coby Crump of Utah.

They started with a list created by Katherine Rasdorf that included basic information about all the Navy, Marines, and Army service members who are identified as having lost their lives on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor.

The database was completed in a six week period thanks to help of these volunteers:

Anita Ashworth, Alabama

Heid Bay, Oregon

Lee Braswell, Colorado

Emily Burnett, Utah

Christy Erickson, Michigan

Preston Freitas, Utah

Teri Fronk, Utah

Wes Gibbs, Montana

Susan Gould, Tennessee

Susan Singleton, Illinois

Terry Toohig, Pennsylvania

Three of these volunteers (Lee Braswell - 616 records, Susan Gould - 455 records, Susan Singleton - 325 records) did 60 percent of the names.

A big thanks to all of these volunteers for the hundreds of hours it took to build out our database.

The general accepted number of Pearl Harbor servicemen fallen is 2,335. Our database is currently at 2,319. Our starting list had some duplicates and we removed the names of some individuals who did not actually die at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. If we discover any names we have left out, we will add them.

For each of these fallen we now have this added information beyond name, rank, and branch:

  • Unit

  • Home state, county, and city

  • Service number

  • Burial place

  • Date of birth

  • Noteworthy information

  • Links to Fold3, FindAGrave, HonorStates, and TogetherWeServed pages

With this level of information as a jumping off point, our volunteers can begin the task of researching the stories of all of these fallen.

At this point about 700 of the Pearl Harbor fallen names are assigned out. With nearly 100 volunteers, we are in good shape to get all 2,335 stories done by December 7, 2021.

That said, we welcome anyone who is interested to join us. Email to learn more.

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