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The stories of all the men lost on the recently discovered submarine USS Albacore

Last week the Naval History and Heritage Command announced that the US WWII submarine USS Albacore had been found off the Japanese coast. It had been missing since October 28, 1944 and was sunk on November 7, 1944.

Most all of the news stories make general mention that it is a resting place of the crew that gave their lives in defense of America, but nothing is said about the Albacore officers and sailors who never came home.

You can find a list of the names of the men lost while serving on Albacore at the On Eternal Patrol website.

Even better, thanks to the efforts of Stories Behind the Stars volunteer Bob Joyce of Florida, you can read a story about everyone of these men on the Fold3 website.

Here is a glimpse of a few of these stories.

The goal of Stories Behind the Stars is to have a story of each of the 421,000 US WWII fallen. With the help of volunteers like Bob Joyce we hope to have them all completed by September 2, 2025, the 80th anniversary of the end of WWII.

Come join us and write some stories!

To see links to all of the stories of the Albacore crew, copy and paste this link into your browser:!((type:military.conflict,values:!((label:World+War+II,value:World+War+II))),(type:general.title.content.doc-type,values:!((label:Memorial,value:STORY_PAGE))),(,values:!((label:Stories+Behind+the+Stars,value:%2765%27)))),keywords:uss+albacore)&view=LIST&columnStates=!((

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