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Tip Sheet on How to Write Stories of the Fallen

Having written more than 1,000 stories of the fallen, I have a good idea on where to look for information to write a profile of just about any of these heroes. You are welcome to read some examples at

I have created a tip sheet showing what source documents you should refer to when you write a story. The list looks long, but after you are familiar with the process, it should take you about 45 minutes on average to write about someone. Of course sometimes you find details that draw you in more so it takes longer, but when that happens the experience is very rewarding.

The tip sheet below is in small fonts so it all fits here. You can click on the image to go to the actual tip sheet.

The first column shows primary information that should be included in each profile.

The second column shows occasional information that can be included when it applies.

The third column shows where you can find this information. Google is your friend. If you Google the name of the unit the person served with, you may find that there is a website or Facebook group specifically dedicated to that unit that is often rich in information you can use.

Another great resource is It is a subscription service to millions of books and documents. It costs $8.99 a month, but I hardly buy any Kindle or Audible books anymore because of the huge library. When researching a WW2 fallen I can go to and search for their unit. For example, if I search for 29th Infantry Division I will find books and documents that I can open and search for details about the person I am researching about. I can get you 60 days access for free. Just follow this link:

The fourth column adds some comments about this part of the profile.

Good luck and thanks for helping write the stories behind the starts!

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