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Volunteer provided WWII fallen content reaches 700,000+ on YouTube

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

The non profit initiative Stories Behind the Stars has contributed its second set of volunteer-written-stories, about WWII fallen airmen, to the popular YouTube channel TJ3 History.

The "How 7 American Pilots Risked Everything To Protect Pearl Harbor" video includes stories about three flyers that our volunteers have written stories about. The video has had more than 100,000 views in less than a week.

Profiled WWII fallen:

2LT John Dains

story by Lee Braswell, Colorado

2LT Gordon H. Sterling, Jr.

story by Lee Braswell, Colorado

2LT George Whiteman

story by Paul Albert, Colorado

Our first collaboration on TJ3 History's "What History Never Told You About Pearl Harbor" video has already had more than 600,000 views.

Among the more than 22,000 stories completed so far by the Stories Behind the Stars project are thousands of stories of other flyers. If you have written a story of a lost airman who you think would be great content for a future TJ3 video, email the Fold3 URL of your story to This will share this hero's stories with tens of thousand and perhaps hundreds of thousand viewers.

You can watch the latest TJ3 History video that used SBTS content here:

June 13, 2023 Update

Total views is now at 206,000.

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