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Finding All Of The WWII Fallen Buried In Arlington National Cemetery Section 13

You can now find the stories of ALL the World War II fallen buried in Section 13 of Arlington National Cemetery.

Located on the west side of Arlington National Cemetery is Section 13, which has graves from every conflict from the Civil War to the War on Terror. This section (which also includes Memorial Sections G and H) has 354 WWII fallen buried or memorialized here. People can now read a story about each of them via the Find A Grave and/or Together We Serve smartphone apps. You can see a video of how it works with AAF Captain Fred B. Brink, Jr. in Memorial Section H here.

This is the first time in the history of Arlington National Cemetery that the general public has everything needed to identify details about all of the WWII fallen in this part of the cemetery. This was made possible by countless hours of volunteer researchers and writers working under the direction of Section Director Kathy Harmon from Pennsylvania. Kathy started out with a spreadsheet of 715 names we got from Arlington National Cemetery and Find A Grave. This was barebones information with names and a few dates. Step 1 was to take out the 361 names that were not in WWII service (family members or those who served before WWII). Her team of 3 research volunteers scanned the internet to find additional details so we now have an easy-to-access record that includes service number, unit or ship, and photo (where available). Next her team of 18 volunteer writers wrote stories of these 354 WWII fallen. You can find these and all the other ANC stories on Fold3 here. You can see our current list of Arlington volunteer writers and database researchers here. These are 78 names from Section 13, 69 names from Memorial Section G, and 207 names from Memorial Section H. The database of these records will be combined with those of the other sections of ANC. This will be the most accurate list of WWII fallen buried at Arlington National Cemetery. A copy of this section of the database is available upon request.

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