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Operation Tidal Wave: Building on 1.1 million YouTube Views

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In December 2022, Stories Behind the Stars partnered up with the popular YouTube channel TJ3 History to tell the stories of some of the US airmen lost at Pearl Harbor. The first video, What History Never Told You About Pearl Harbor, has received 926,000 views to date. The second video, How 7 American Pilots Risked Everything To Protect Pearl Harbor, has received 206,000 views to date.

TJ3 History is going to cover another historic event this August 1. It will be the 80th anniversary of Operation Tidal Wave the ill-fated bombing of the Ploiesti oil fields in Romania. Of the 177 B-24 bombers assigned to the mission, 53 were destroyed and another 55 damaged. Aircrew losses were 310 men killed or missing. It was proportionally the mostly costly Allied bombing mission of the war.

Adding Your Fallen Story to the Video

A number of Stories Behind the Stars volunteers have already written stories of some of these fallen. If you recall writing an Operation Tidal Wave fallen story that is noteworthy, let me know and TJ3 History can use it as part of its upcoming video. Email me at

Writing all of the Operation Tidal Wave Fallen Stories

As of this writing (June 30) there are ~100 Arlington National Cemetery names to assign. That will likely happen over the next week or so. After that if anyone is interested in working on some Operation Tidal Wave fallen names, let me know. This should get some media attention and it would be great to be able to have stories about all of those who were lost in this mission.

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