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Read Stories of WWII Fallen at Arlington National Cemetery Gravesites

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

What if when visiting any gravesite or memorial of a WWII fallen in Arlington National Cemetery you could read any of the fallen's stories right there on your smartphone?

That is the current mission of the non profit initiative Stories Behind the Stars, and thanks to the help of more than one hundred volunteers, it is something people can begin experiencing this Memorial Day.

Here is an example showing how this works.

Our Arlington National Cemetery project began in January 2022. Week after week our volunteers have been going through the cemetery section by section. As of this writing they have completed around 2,000 stories. You can learn more by following the links below.

Our volunteers are currently working on the remaining 10 sections.

We could use more help writing the remaining stories. It takes as little as a couple of hours to write one story. If we can get a couple hundred more volunteers averaging one story a week, we can complete all of the stories sooner than we can with the existing number of volunteers.

To learn more about volunteering see here.

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