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News Story: The quest to document the lives of all 421,000 U.S. soldiers who died in WWII

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Lee Benson, of the Salt Lake City Deseret News, did a story about the national project to write the stories of all 421,000 US WWII fallen. The project began in Utah in 2020.

You can read Lee's story here in the Deseret News and here on

The recently completed Utah Veterans Memorial in West Valley City has the names of WWII fallen on its honor wall. If you download the Find A Grave smartphone app you should be able to pick any WWII name on the wall and read that story.

The Utah stories were set up before the smartphone app feature was created. We could use some volunteers to makes sure all of the Utah WWII fallen stories we have done are linked up to the Find A Grave smartphone app, so people can read stories about each of the WWII fallen named on the wall while visiting the memorial. Contact to find out more.

Be sure to share this with anyone you think would like to help us remember all 421,000 US WWII fallen. Although we already have hundreds of active volunteers from all 50 states and many other countries, we are going to need about 2,000 volunteers, writing a average of one story a week (in two to three hours), to complete all the stories by September 2, 2025, the 80th anniversary of the end of World War II.

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