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My War With Ac3-fay 00k-bay

Please excuse my need to speak in code. The AI walls have ears and it tends to block what it doesn't want people to know.

My mission to tell the stories of all 400,000+ US World War II fallen has been an overwhelmingly positive one.

  • From a one-man lunch-time hobby, it has grown to the Stories Behind the Stars non-profit initiative involving more than 1,300 people from all 50 states and more than a dozen other countries.

  • Volunteers helped write the stories of all the fallen from one state - 2,100 in Utah.

  • Volunteers helped write the stories of all the 2,500 fallen from D-Day.

  • Volunteers are getting ready to tell the stories of the 2,335 Pearl Harbor fallen and the 6,000+ US WWII fallen buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

  • More than 70 news organizations have brought this project to the attention of the general public. Nearly three dozen of these stories occurred around this Memorial Day and the D-Day anniversary. One article on had a reach of 28 million people.

With this momentum, I think we can tell all 400,000+ stories by September 2, 2025, the 80th anniversary of the end of World War II. It is going to require an average of 2,000 people writing one story a week.

I thought a great way to find more people would be to run ads on Ac3-fay 00k-bay. I shared stories like the TV report aired by WTRV CBS 6 and the newspaper article published by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. I have been doing this since 2020. I could target my ad so it would get in front of people in the geographic area who already have an interest in the subject. It is a low cost way to get these news stories in front of people who would like to see them. Ac3-fay 00k-bay charges just pennies per click. Hundreds of volunteers have joined this project through this channel. It's a win-win, right?

On June 6, 2021 Ac3-fay 00k-bay rejected an ad sharing a front page article in The Columbus Dispatch. Later that day, my ad account was suspended, meaning I can no longer run ads to share anything about Stories Behind the Stars. Three appeals to get this suspension reversed were all declined for violating Ac3-fay 00k-bay’s standards (without actually mentioning the specific violation).

Who would have thought that sharing stories about honoring and remembering our World War II fallen would be so bad that Ac3-fay 00k-bay needed to stop it?

This is not the first time that I have been knocked down by Ac3-fay 00k-bay.

Back in October 2018 my little WW2 Fallen 100 blog was getting as many as 3,000-6,000 views a day, almost all of it from people seeing posts I shared on Ac3-fay 00k-bay. Then in one day the average traffic dropped to less than 300 views a day and never came back. I asked my congressman to use his status to contact Ac3-fay 00k-bay on my behalf to find out why I was being shadow-banned. Ac3-fay 00k-bay responded that they had not targeted me nor shadowbanned me, but provided no explanation for causing my Ac3-fay 00k-bay traffic to plummet. Because Ac3-fay 00k-bay is a private company, my congressman could do nothing more for me.

Over the next three years, I was sent to the Ac3-fay 00k-bay stalag cooler on three different occasions. Timing coincided when posts about my blog were receiving higher than normal attention.

Sadly, I am not the only one who shares content about remembering military fallen on Ac3-fay 00k-bay who has had this cancel experience. For some reason, we are treated like some version of pro 1940’s Germany supporters.

It is hard to believe, but it is very possible that Ac3-fay 00k-bay may take further action against Stories Behind the Stars or me and I will no longer be able to use that as a way to communicate in any way.

This is one of the reasons Stories Behind the Stars has decided to work with Together We Served. The Together We Served Forums feature can be used in much the same way as our STAR Corps Ac3-fay 00k-bay group so volunteers can communicate with each other about the work they are doing without Ac3-fay 00k-bay blocking content. I encourage you to sign up for that free website which has a major focus on remembering fallen veterans. Email to get set up.

With my access to run ads on Ac3-fay 00k-bay shut down, I need to use other channels to get the word out about Stories Behind the Stars. Here are some things you can do:

  • Share this post with others. If I get some viral level attention, maybe Ac3-fay 00k-bay will restore my ability to run ads again.

  • Use other social media channels to share information about Stories Behind the Stars. This post link here is a good one to share that way.

  • Get the word out in other ways about Stories Behind the Stars - email, clubs, friends, anywhere you think you can find people who support remembering our fallen military heroes.

  • Contact with your congressman or woman. They are nearly all strong supporters of veteran related issues and many of them are concerned with Big Tech's war on free speech. There are hundreds if not thousands of WWII fallen from their districts who need their stories told. The fallen have millions of family members who are their constituents.

I am hoping that in the end, Ac3-fay 00k-bay will contact me and tell me it was all a mistake. Realistically, I would be surprised if this happens. The trend of Big Tech suppressing free speech that does not follow its approved narrative, is well documented (at least until that is removed).

One of the freedoms that the World War II fallen died to protect was freedom of speech. It will be sad if America continues down this path of corporate totalitarian control.

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